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Welcome to ePix

ATTENTION: ePix will be moving within the next month...our new address has yet to be decided, so stay tuned. More content on the way!

I have added an 800x600 of a concept BMW from 2020 in the gallery now...took a while to get the headlights right. The Concepts folder will eventually include concept renderings of everything from computers to cars to buildings. Stay tuned.

Adobe has announced Photoshop version 7.0, native to Mac OS X and Windows XP. This is wonderful news!

ePix has had over 5000 visitors! We hope to see many more in the future as well.

As of Wednsday the 20th ePix has begun a new long-term project with Pulp Media Studios. More information shall be disclosed at a later date.

So sorry about the lack of image gallery updates...don't worry, they'll probably be some new images soon.

NEW UPDATE: One of my images, iMac2 Chrome is on Wired Magazine's web site, Wired.com! Check it all out right here.

ePix is a completely FREE 3D graphics service for nearly any platform. When we mean free, we just make it for you! Pretty nice, isn't it?

Do you need some 3D graphics for a game or web site? Then you have definitely found the right place. Read on for more information.

As of today 27888 people have visited us.

New update: Yet another one of ePix's desktops, AquaBlue, appeared on ResExcellence. (Note that "AquaBlue" is a popular name, and that several other desktops may have the same name)

As you may notice, the Gallery is now under the navbar due to complaints that it was difficult to find.

Update: ePix's desktop "MetroHub," formerly known as simply "City," appeared in Kevin Cappis's wonderful site, SurrealPlaces.

Update: One of ePix's desktops, PleasantDreams, was featured on the Apple Collection. Thanks guys!

(This site looks fine at 800x600, but best at 1024x768, at least)

Did you know that ePix Multimedia is divided into three divisions? ePix graphics, eMix music and eFlix animation.


ePix now has free hi-res desktops for download (as well as few of our old ads). Check back for more HERE.

Well, we once said that you need a Macintosh but I have found plenty of workarounds for that...we do all of our graphics work on Macs, but of course, nearly all the stuff we do is cross platform, so hey, you can use anything from FreeBSD to Windows 98 to Mac OS X.

Next, you need some sort of graphics application, like Adobe Photoshop or GraphicsConverter to view and/or make any changes that you deem mandatory.

For QuickTime movies, really our speciality, you must have Apple's QuickTime. The newest version as of today is available on Apple Computer's web site, Apple.com.

ePix really does almost any graphic format, including, but is not limited to: JPEG, GIF, Photoshop, bitmap (bmp), PICT, Targa, TIFF, PCX, or if you insist, Raw. For movies, the two formats are MOV and AVI, in all kinds of compressions, like On2VB3 or 3ivx.. In some cases, we may be able to give you MPG.

PICTs? Adobe Photoshop? All right here! Every single one of our graphics are completey original, rendered right here in our studio! We have a Macintosh G4 with an awsome rendering time, as well as two other Macs, so expect your graphics within a week (depending on request), if not a day, or even a few hours!

You can e-mail ePix at any time to request something. Please explain with detail exactly what you want, though...I'd hate to have you dissatisfied.

You need QuickTime? We do QuickTime. QuickTime movies up to 20 seconds long and a frame rate of 30 fps!

You need stills? We do stills. Stills up to 300 dpi! JPEGs and GIFs for the web? Sure, why not.

By the way, we really don't ask anything in return...okay, actually, we do: first off, we do put our website URL up in the left corner of anything we make (except audio, of course), and, assuming you are a reasonably skilled in Photoshop, we wish you wouldn't erase it and claim that you yourself made it, because you didn't, and its wrong, that's all. Also, if you have a web page of your own, we would LOVE to have our link on your site (and, in return, provided your site is something you think people who visit here would like, we'll gladly put a link to your site on our Links section.


Q:So, why are you doing this anyhow? You got some kind of mission?
---Well, in a sense, yes. We feel that something as easy for us to create as a short 3D animation really ought to be free. Now, obviously if you work with Pixar or Alias|Wavefront, don't expect the same quality from us, please (our rendering of a girl on the About section certainly isn't any Aki Ross). But, hey, at least our stuff is free.

Q:Any catches?
---Not really. We just ask you don't er, erase our website URL that is always engraved in the corner.

Q:How much business do you guys get?
---Well, so far, it actually hasn't been all that much, but so far, all the comments have been pretty good.

Q:What programs do you use?
---Our most-used program is Corel's Bryce 4, formerly owned by MetaCreations, in our opinion a far superior company (We still use the MetaCreations version anyway). Other programs include Poser 4 (pretty much goes hand in hand with Bryce), Adobe Photoshop, of course, and a few others like Strata MediaPaint, Strata VideoShop, and, on occasion, StrataVision 3D (we like Strata, as you may have figured out). There are a couple programs that we use so little that they are nearly not worth mentioning, but here they are: PiXELS 3D, GraphicConverter, Illustrator and Fireworks.


ePix Multimedia is a proud supporter of Apple Computer, fuckmicrosoft.com, TIME Magazine, the Gnutella Network, Apple X, 3D Cafe, SETI@home, The International Red Cross, The Register, MacAddict magazine, The Chicago Cubs (its a running joke), Transmeta Corporation and all those affected by 9/11.

Ahem, we are, er, NOT a supporter of America Online Corporation, Intel, Microsoft, HP/Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Gil Amelio (basically goes hand in hand with Microsoft), eMachines and Bushism.

The MacOS logo and the Apple logo are copywritten trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. The Freeservers logo and the North Sky telescope logo are trademarks of North Sky, Inc. All other logos are trademarks of their respective companies.

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This site has recently been updated (5/31/02), and is updated approximately every week.

Since ePix began to get approximately 100 hits each week, I've had to update more and more frequently.

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